About the Workshop

For more information contact :


Joseph Pecoraro, Workshop Director: pecorj@uncsa.edu  (336) 945-8666


Amanda Schumpert, Director of UNCSA Summer Music Programs at parkern@uncsa.edu (336)770-3255


UNCSA Office of Summer Programs, (336) 770-1432, summer@uncsa.edu

The UNC School of the Arts is a hot bed of passionate creativity!  As the nation’s first state-supported performing arts conservatory-we have been cultivating great artistic visions for nearly 50 years.  Guitar in the summer fits right in-as it has all along!


The Nothing but Nylon workshop exalts the glories of the nylon-stringed (or ‘classical’) guitar.  This fast-paced and intensive workshop has something for everyone who loves the guitar-in an ideal setting for artistic growth where musicians, actors, dancers, filmmakers, and visual artists live and work together.


Why Nylon?  Simply put-because we love it!  In fact, of all of the types of guitars, more styles and kinds of music are authentically and commonly performed on the nylon-stringed guitar than on any other.  At the Nothing but Nylon workshop-you have the opportunity to hear and experience playing in an enthralling variety of settings: Classical solo performances, Outstanding ensembles, and Improvisation forums in a variety of styles.


Who is the Nothing but Nylon Workshop for?

· Experienced Classical Guitarists will find high-level coaching to develop their solo playing, outstanding chamber music experience, and exposure to music creation and improvisation skills in styles that might not have been a big part of their formal instruction.  This is the place to widen your lens!


· Experienced Steel String and Electric Players will find opportunities to expand their existing knowledge and skill-as well as to explore the gorgeous sonic possibilities of the nylon-stringed guitar.  Be warned though in advance -You may never go back!


· Beginners In Any Style will be right at home here.  Sessions are designed to target players at their level-whatever it is.  All it takes is a love of music and a desire to learn.  You will be exposed to a range of playing that will unleash in your imagination the limitless possibilities of the guitar.  The only difficulty will be deciding where to go next!


Read on about our highly-accomplished and creative faculty artists, engaging array of classes and workshop, exceptional residence experience and simple enrollment process.  We look forward to making music with you this summer!


June 24-29, 2018

UNCSA Summer Guitar Workshop