To enroll in the 2018 Session just follow this link to the online enrollment site: Registration Link and scroll down to ‘guitar’.  There is no audition needed to register.  The school uses an online enrollment platform that will handle all of your details.   Housing is very limited!- so those wishing to stay on campus should apply early (really). 


The Nothing but Nylon is designed to accommodate players of any level-thus there is no minimum audition level required to be accepted into the guitar workshop itself.  Nonetheless-we do request a simple sample of your playing for 2 reasons:

1. It will help us to plan the workshop and place you in appropriate sections

2. Those who want to be assigned to a Small Chamber Group must send an audition to determine if this is an appropriate program and to help asses your music reading level.  Small ensemble parts will be emailed via PDF to players shortly in advance of the workshop.

Please send a recording (Ideally as a digital file or link to a file such as on Youtube.  If this is not possible-you may mail a tape, CD, VHS, or DVD) with two guitar selections of the students choice. The pieces may be of any level of difficulty. Repertoire which demonstrates the applicant’s all-around artistry, not just technical ability, is most meaningful.

    Participant who want to play in chamber ensembles should be comfortable reading basic rhythms in at least the first position.  Feel free to contact Joseph Pecoraro if you have any question about the reading level expectation.  Live evaluations may also be arranged.


    Costs for the workshop can be found listed here: Workshop Costs

June 24-29, 2018

UNCSA Summer Guitar Workshop