Luke Payne: Concert &

Recording Artist, Clinician

Robert Trent: Recitalist, Recording Artist, Clinician.  Member Duo Firenze.  Specialist in early instruments and repertoire.

Blue Ridge Guitar Quartet:

Recitals across Eastern US.

2018 Artist Faculty & Clinicians Include:

Resident Ensemble:

Christopher Berg: Recitalist, Recording Artist, Clinician, Author, Composer.  Member Rossingol Duo, Eurydice’s Dream Ensemble. 

Douglas James: Recitalist, Recording Artist, Clinician.  Member James-Rucco Duo.  Specialist in 19th Century instruments and repertoire.

Andrew Zohn:

Recitalist, Recording Artist, Composer, Clinician. 

Previous Guest Artists Include:

Elliot Frank:

Recitalist, Recording Artist,

Composer, Clinician. 

Alan Johnston: Recitalist, Recording Artist, Clinician.

Long-time Member: Minneapolis         Guitar Quartet

Our 2018 Workshop Faculty Artists are accomplished classical guitarists and teachers as well as experienced and insightful creators and improvisers in other styles of music.

Cuesta2: De Wolf

Daniel Seriff: Concert &

Recording Artist, Clinician. 

Ed Stephenson: Flamenco Guitar Specialist-Recitalist, Clinician. Member NC Guitar Quartet and The Paco Band.

David Oaks: Jazz Guitar Specialist

Concert & Recording Artist,

Clinician, Author. 

David Burgess: Recitalist,

Recording Artist, Clinician. 

Joseph Pecoraro—Director: Recitalist, Recording Artist,

Clinician, Author. 

Andrew York—Internationally acclaimed Composer, Recitalist, Recording Artist, Clinician.  Long-time member of Grammy-winning L.A. Guitar Quartet.

Robert Teixeira: Concert &

Recording Artist, Composer, Clinician. 

June 24-29, 2018

UNCSA Summer Guitar Workshop

Steve Newbrough: Concert &

Recording Artist, Clinician